Who we are

"Spanjeverhuizers" your partner!
We are a department within "Impexco Transport", our main firm with years of experience in the world of transport.
Next to the actual transporting we are also adept in packaging, loading & dropping off all your goods. They are in our good care.

What we do

In short: transporting your goods to and from Spain and Portugal!

Moving to Spain

Moving your goods to Spain is our main service that we can offer you. We collaborate with people who have years of experience in the trade. Packaging, transporting and dropping off your goods is our priority!
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Temporary storage

Our main base lies in Belgium (Waasland). From there we travel to Spain, Alicante (ASPE) where we can offer temporary storage for you goods. We can also store small packages which you can pick up on the spot.
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Throughout Spain and Portugal

Our trucks drive throughout Spain and Portugal on a weekly basis. Nothing is too much or too difficult. Furniture, housegoods, clothing, even bicycles, bikes and cars... You name it, we can handle it for you!
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Putting everything into vision!

Useful tips

Hier vindt u enkele tips en dingen waarmee u rekening kan houden ter voorbereiding van uw vertrek!

  • Create a list! Give every box you pack a number for each room.
  • Are you moving permanently? Close all your previous contracts to avoid fines.
  • Keep your keys seperately.
  • Keep fragile items seperately. Also mark this on the box and on your list.
  • Heavy pieces on the bottom, light items on top. Don’t overfill your boxes!
  • Make sure everything is closed up well.
  • Fill your boxes with protective material (foam, bubbleplastic…).
  • Loading on the streetside? Inform the authorities and create enough space (+-25m).

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